Spain - San Sebastion

San Sebastian conference center

There is a very strange building which we think is the conference center - it basically has no windows but it lights up at night.

This was taken from outside the hotel but we got a similar view from our room.

Last dinner in San Sebastian

For our last dinner we did a search on TripAdvisor to look for somewhere recommended and not too expensive.

We found on the list at #24 of 655 places place called La Cuchara de San Telmo 

It was a tiny little place with only standing room either at the bar or a little counter on the other side of the room although there was a few tables outside. 

Standing room only

Suckling Pig

Pulpo or Octopus

Foie Gras with an apple sauceBeef Cheek

The food was all yummy - well recommended - All up with a couple of wines it was 21 euro.

A few views over the bay of Concha

This is a view from down at the waterfront on the edge of the old town.

This is from the same location as the first image but about 90 degrees to the right.

This was from my walk to the top of the hill (Pam went shopping - not keen on steps)

This is taken from Castillo de La Mota -

This is taken a bit further around over looking the little island of Santa Clara

Overlooking the river and our hotel

Dinner at Sirimiri

I had put a post on TripAadvisor about what we should pay for Pintxos wile in San Sebastian and got a few replies along with recommendations on where we should eat.

So we went on the hunt for the places and found that 2 of them were closed - one until tomorrow but the other for 3 nights by which time we will have moved on and that one looked good and cheapish for the quality of the food.

Pam had done her own research and we ended up at  place call Sirmiri -

This was a small little place that was quite busy and had some Pintxos on the bar along with a menu of things we could buy. We decided to not grab anything from the bar but order from the menu - good choice in the end.

I guess they want you to enjoy the place and not waste your time on the phone   

We ordered 2 dishes and a couple of drinks. The first dish above was scallop and pork neck and was lovely.

The second dish was Octopus with a green sauce and was also delicious and very tender. The octopus was very easy to eat and not rubbery as is often the case.

The last dish was a lamb dish which we ordered later as the previous two were so great. The lamb was so tender and lovely it made us want to reproduce this dish at home. It was also very cute delivered in a little fry-pan.

All up 3 dishes + 2 drinks was about 20 euro.

We would recommend this restaurant to anyone, top notch.

Leaving Olite for San Sebastion

We had to leave Olite today after only 2 nights to go to San Sebastion. We had booked tickets from Oilite to Castejón which meant we were going backwards as we could not catch a train directly from Olite to San Sebastion.

The train arrived at 8:22 exactly as time, this was a regional train in tourist class which meant no seat allocation. The train was not too busy so no problem there.

We had to go back the way we had come a few days earlier and get out at Castejón - this was a rather quiet place that we had to spend 90 odd minutes waiting for our next train.

There was only 5 people there - Pam & I, a security guard, the guy selling the tickets, and another guy who seemed to just get some newspapers from one train and deliver them to the next train.

We tried to ask which platform our train would leave from but they did not speak English but we thought they said platform #1 which turned out to be correct.

So this train left Castejón at 10:30 and by 11:00 we just went past Olite on the way to San Sebastion 3 hours are arriving at the Olite station.

There was lots of tunnels and little towns nestled in the valley floors along the way.

We got out in San Sebastion and caught a taxi to our Hotel which was only about 5-8 minutes from the station for just under 6 euro.

A little nibble at lunch at Zureko

I took this photo at night even though we were there during the day.

Nice Pintxos on display

Quite nice and unusual pintxos that they finish up in the kitchen for you.

This was an Artichoke with Fois gras and was coated in gold 

When it came back from the kitchen it had been touched up a bit.

Different angle of the same dish

Pam had this little fish (like whitebait) & egg dish - very nice

Agorregi - San Sebastion - Spain

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