The view over Passau from a walking track

Click on the photo above for a scrolling panorama.

A walk around Passau

The panoramas above were taken near the word inn in the above photo of Passau.

Munch to Salzburg

We had to leave quite early from the hotel as we had to catch our flixbus from Munich to Salzburg today.

We left just around 8am which was sunrise so it was stil a bit dark and headed for the metro in Marianplatz.

We bought a cheap ticket 1.50 euro which allowed 4 stops and we only had 3 stops so that was good.

The terminal was quite quiet with not a lot of people around at 8am on a Sunday morning, and grabbed the first train - it was an S6, I think almost all the S trains go to the central station and then onto the München Hackerbrücke stop.

We arrived in about 8 minutes so we had just over an hour to wait in the cold for the bus which is scheduled to leave at 9:30am.

Almost everyone is smoking and it is basically exposed to the elements even though it is under cover so it is quite cold. There is a lot of busses at about 9am we see which bay our bus will leave from. Pam & I head over to the location and sit down , it is colder on this side of the station.

A heap of busses leave probably about 20 while we wait for out bus to show up. It does not show up and almost all the buses leave. But it is not 9:30 yet just a few minutes prior and finally our bus shows up and everyone scrambles to put the luggage in and get on board for a decent seat.

9:36 and we are pulling out so not too shabby turn around from arrival to departure due to the late arrival.

A pretty simple trip to Salzburg mostly on motorways and passing what look like pretty little villages along the way.

We arrive in Salzburg at what looks like nothing like a bus stop but everyone is getting off and so do we and grab our bags and walk a couple of hundred meters to the train station. We find a cab and pay 10 euro to our hotel.

Our Hotel in Munch

Our room was the one with the balcony.

Dinner at Marktwirt

We ate out at a nice restaurant and bar not far from the hotel (about 30 meters) called Marktwirt -

Rugged up for the cold. Enjoying a nice beer at the bar. After a couple we decided to get a table for dinner.

We ordered 1/2 duck and a roast pork dish, both were very nice and served with saurcraut and potato dumpling.

Pam loved the potato dumpling with is almost rubbery in texture - here is a video on how they are made -

Total cost of the meal was 56 Euro which included a few beers (about 4.50 each) and a nice red wine (7 euro). The two mains (duck 18.50, pork 15.50) and the sides of cabbage 2.50 (sauerkraut).

Nice evening

In the Viktualienmarkt

Pam hiding in the Christmas Lights.

A Christmas Spire

Hofbräuhaus am Platzl

Pam & I went to the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl - which is a famous beer hall in Munich. It was very busy with almost all tables + all space on the tables taken by people drinking beer and eating.

There was live music playing with a band which everyone seemed to love.

We only tried the Munchner Weisee beer since I have gone off the thinner types of beer and these have a lot of flavour and are cloudy.

All of the waiters are men and they are always on the move taking orders and delivering food.

Some people have their own 1 litre steins locked away for them..

We stayed for a few hours and really enjoyed it. A lot of reviews I read were rather negative but we found the place quite fun and the staff we dealt with were very good.

The beers we had were 4.7 Euro each for 500ml

Walking around the markets in Munich

Just outside out hotel is the Victual Market which has a lot of food stalls and seafood (not a smelly seafood place at all).

Almost everywhere is somewhere to get something to eat and it all looks tasty.

It was cold, raining and very windy

Lots of places selling cheese in the market

In the main market in Marienplatz there is lot of little places selling hot drinks. We stopped at one selling Orange Punch with Rum.

4 Euro for a 200ml warm drink - I had an apple rum and Pam has an orange one. You also pay 4 Euro for the drinking cup but get it back if you return it.

Rugged up enjoying my apple rum drink.

We had a few sausages while walking around.

After this we went back to the hotel and slept for a few more hours. The wind will very strong.

Hotel Konig - Passau, Germany

Hotel Konig
Familie Maier
Untere Donaulände 1
94032 Passau

$339 NZD for 2 Nights

Hotel Am Markt - Munich, Germany

Hotel Am Markt
Heiliggeiststraße 6, 80331 München, Germany
Open in Google Maps

2 Nights - 283.50 EURO

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