Free cocktail in the bar

We received a discount voucher of 10% off meals and drinks at the bar and restaurant in the hotel.

We also received a free cocktail from the bar because we booked directly with the hotel.

The bar was down stairs and very smokey and not a nice place to be.

Pam had a Pina Colada and I had a Caipiroska neither of which were very nice and I would not have wanted to pay 10 euro for them, We had our cocktail and left.

Christmas Day lunch at Europe's 800 year old restaurant

We booked a Christmas day lunch at St Peters Stiftskeller within the walls of St Peter's Abbey in Salzburg. It is claimed to be the oldest inn in Central Europe because of a supposed mention of it in the Carmina anthology  -

We had high hopes for this lunch because it was very expensive, and it was Christmas day.

On arrival we are shown to a room that is nicely decorated and only a few others were there for lunch.

We ordered some water and I took a look at the wine list - well there was some pricey wines in there starting with 100ml of champagne for 20 EURO, the cheapest red by the glass was 15 euro for 125ml which is not a lot.

Most bottled wine was 100-6,000 euro so out of my price range.

I ordered a beer, Pam just had water.

The starter was a lukewarm carp in stock (actual name of the dish)

During this time there was a family with a crying baby not far from us so I asked to be seated somewhere else. After a few minutes they found another room for us which was a lot better for about 5 minutes until another family with a baby came.

We should have left then...

Next on the menu was Cream soup of chervil tubor with truffled cracklings - quite nice

Next up was Scallops with veal tongue and nut butter. It took at least 30 minutes for this dish to be served even though the scallops (scallop) was raw, or possibly marinated. Nice dish which had quite delicate flavours.

Mean while the screamer is still screaming and making lots of noises - quite annoying, they should stick everyone who has a brat with them in the same room and everyone else somewhere else.

The main dish was a filled Christmas quail with red cabbage and quince - this also took a good 30 minutes to come out, and by this stage I was sort of over the experience and would have been happy to just walk out , the brat was sill making lots of noise.

The quail itself was very nice and had been boned out expect for the legs and wings. It was filled with bread stuffing. The cabbage did not do too much for either of us and we left most of it.

The desert was a section of baked apples with almonds.

They were obviously very busy but I felt that the whole day was ruined by the babies in the restaurant.

173 Euro for the meal with no wine and 1 beer + water.

Waste of money

Christmas Eve Dinner at Hotel Pitter

Long ago we booked in for Christmas eve at Hotel Pitter which is about 1km from our hotel.

The weather was not too bad so we decided to walk to the hotel and build up a bit of a hunger.

Out dinner was a 3 coursed fixed menu at 48 Euro each without drinks.

Dinner started with some bread rolls and an Amuse Gueule with was these little meats

Next came the soup course which was Truffled cream soup of maroon chestnuts with black walnut. I think this may have been the nicest soup I have ever had. It was sweet and creamy and just yum.

Roased veal fillet with morrel cream sauce, parsnip puree, baby carrots, peas and butter nut pumpkin - lovely.

For desert a section of the following

  • Curd-poppy seed cake with pomegranate jelly
  • Almond brownie with gingerbread ganache with raspberry jelly
  • Mousse of marron chestnut with chocolate
  • Cream brulee of baked apple

Wine in tow

Little gingerbreads handing from the lights.

Overall a very good meal and we both really enjoyed it.

Breakfast in Hotel Elefant

Breakfast is included in our hotel room price which is great.....

Our hotel in Salzburg - Hotel Elefant

Our hotel is called Hotel Elefant and it is housed in a building that is 700+ years old. It has been operating as a hotel for over 400 years. Wow

In the Salzburg Christmas Market

The market feels more related and layed back than Munich which is nice. It is raining as w walk around and check the place out.

Diner in Restaurant S’Nockerl im Elefant  

We ate in the hotel restuarant called S'Nockerl -

Another beer for me and prosecco for Pam.

Pam had a 1/2 duck for about 18 euro

I had a grilled trout which was very nice for about 17 euro

The food in the restaurant was really great and good value for money, the staff were nice as well.

Hotel Elefant - Salzburg, Austria

Hotel Elefant
Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse  4
A-5020 Salzburg, Austria

167 Euro per night

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