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Our first dinner was at the French Restaurant - Chez Isabel

A duck liver pate


Fillet Mignon


Cheese for Desert (Chris) and a berry crepe (Pam)

There was a few items not available on the menu which was a pity as we both wanted Duck Confit but it was not available, neither was the Venison Chop.

View from our room


Statue of Liberty

On Thursday I took a trip to Liberty Island the home of the statue of liberty. I booked my tickets months ago which allowed me access to the Pedestal and the Crown of the statue.

First off catch the downtown line to South Ferry - the subway was very busy on the way downtown.

While queuing to receive my actual ticket. The view is over downtown Manhattan.

On the boat taking me to the island - the boat was very full of tourists like me.


My ticket gets me access to the area just under the spikes above the face - quite a few steps to walk up.



This photo is taken from the pedestal which is the top of the rock area just below the actual statue.



Lots of steps and a very tight staircase to get to the top.



Not a lot of room to stand when you are at the top.

The images below are from Ellis Island


Leaving Germany

Today we are leaving Germany and travelling to New York.

We woke early and packed up and had a quick early breakfast. We paid the hotel and caught a taxi to the train station and bought a couple of tickets to Frankfurt Airport. 64 Euro - quite expensive.

No problem with the wrong train and it arrived at the airport on time.

I am sitting here now waiting for our flight which leaves in a couple of hours. The flight is about 8 hours long and we arrive around 3:40pm Eastern Time.

We are meeting Pam's son and his family in New York which will be rather interesting instead of the norm which is Christchurch.

Final dinner in Germany

After a day of looking around at the some sights we decided that we did not want Italian food and did not really find anything else we wanted so we went back to the supermarket where they sold cooked meats and chicken.

We took a look and most of what was there earlier in the day was gone but there was 1/2 chickens for 3 euro 20 cents. So we went into the shop to buy some beer about 1 euro 20 each. We bought 3 bottles and some bread rolls.

We went back out to the meat and found that the 1/2 chickens were now 2 euro - discounted as it was now about 6:15pm

We waked back to our hotel room and I grabbed a couple of glasses and we headed over the river and found a seat and ate our little meal and drank some beers. The river area just got busier and busier as the evening wore on and there was almost none of the river wall free by about 8pm.

It was a nice way to finish off our trip to Germany and it was a lovely evening with the temperature about 24.

Is a 500ml beer too expensive in NZ?

A 6 pack for 1 euro 74 cents from the super market, 58 cents per liter.

Probably pretty piss poor piss but still!

Some churches and building in Wurzburg


Today in Wurzburg we are going to go to the Würzburg Residence. 


Along the way we see a Church so we decide to take a glance and it is quite ornate with lots of gold and ceilings all painted with art.


It is also a very modern Church based on some of the paintings on the wall. Very abstract,





After this we head to the Würzburg Residence - it costs 7 euro 50 cents for entry, but no cameras allowed at all which is a real pain. It is an amazing place with the most ornate rooms I have probably ever seen.

Here are some images from the Internet that I found.


Here is a link to a virtual tour -

The white Room -

The Imperial Room -

The Green Lacqered Room -

Important : Wait for 30 seconds or so as it takes a while before it is shown in full colour.

I could take photos out in the garden area so here are a few I took from there.



The view from our room

Simple dinner in Wurzburg

We went out looking for some German food but could not find anything. There was lots of Italian and a Mexican but no German. Using the phone we found a 3 star place but thought it would be too expensive for crap quality.

So we had a beer at a place called Besitos Wuerzburg but did not eat there.

We went to an Italian place Larustica Pizzeria across the road and sat in the outdoor area across the street from the restaurant. We ordered a couple of Pizzas and a beer and that was enough.


Beer was 3 euro 60 cents and the pizza on the left was 8 euro and the right was 11 Euro.

The edges of the pizza looked pretty dry so we added Olive oil to them to make them better. We also picked some little Thyme leaves growing in a little garden next to our table and added that to it as well.

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