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Along the road

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Just me in the pool

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The pool at times seems very quiet, maybe everyone is at the beach or doing tours?

More yummy food

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90 Baht each - Massaman curry and Tom Yum Goong

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90 Baht each - Pad Thai – Pam had prawn and I had with chicken (I also spiced mine up with Chilli)


The Pool

Out for a stroll after breakfast

On Sunday we had breakfast which was very nice (forgot to take any photos). Nice selection of Eggs, Bacon, Chicken noodle, vegetables, pancakes, fruit and breads and cereals.

After breakfast we went for a walk around the local area – it was just after 9am and most shops were still shut or just opening. We went into a couple of tailors to get an idea of prices. It seems like 1,000 – 1,200 baht for a shirt (if buying  6).

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View from the breakfast room balcony

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Monday started with us waking quite early and taking a walk along the beach. The haze has basically gone at the moment so it is looking a lot nicer.

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Dinner at Red Chopsticks

Our first night we ate at a restaurant called Red Chopsticks which looked very nice and another guest I spoke to recommended it. The prices were good and it was very busy.

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We ordered:

Chicken Kai Gai Soup – 99 Baht / $4NZD

Duck Curry – 199 Baht – $8NZD

Massamam Curry – 199 Baht – $8NZD

My beer was a Singa – 600ml – 240 Baht / $10NZD

Pam has a Sprite – 60 Baht / $3NZD

P1130263  P1130266  P1130265

The food was lovely and looked and tasted great – I wish I could cook Thai like that.

Arriving in Phuket

We arrived in Phuket at about 9:45am, it took about 30 minutes to go through immigration as we got in the wrong queue (as always). You never pick the right queue, but it was all no issue. Thailand now takes a photo of you when you enter the country.

We had arranged our transfer with a company called Thai Happy  -

As soon as we left the airport I found the man with my name on a board and we got into a very nice car – quite new only 70,000km on the clock.

The drive from the airport was very long at about 90 minutes, longer than our flight from KL.

The haze that we saw in KL, was also here in Phuket.

Our hotel is nice and we have a room with a great view down the beach and over the pool area.


The view from our room – this was taken on Monday – 2 days after we arrived on Saturday you could hardly make out the white building because of the haze.

P1130305  P1130312

Arrived in Kuala Lumper, next flight Phuket

We just arrived in KL and there is a lot of haze around – looks like a very overcast day in Christchurch.

I took a photo from the train between terminals.


Our flight to Phuket departs in about 90 minutes.

We are hoping this haze is not going to be around Phuket.

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