United States - Huntsville

A BBQ lunch

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A nice steak dinner

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Nice Cab at 60 USD per bottle – I thought it appropriate ordering the Earthquake.

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A nice crab soup and great New York Strip steak.

Ol Heidelberg

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Veal Schnitzel

Simple dinner for the first night

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4 little 5oz beers for $6.99 and a simple Tuna Salad.

Huntsville is Space Town

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My Hotel

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Huntsville, Alabama

This is a work trip and not a personal trip but I am hoping that I will experience something worthwhile while there for this travel blog.

Pam is not travelling with me on this trip.


Flight # From To Time   Airline Flight # Distance (KM) Duration
1 Christchurch Auckland 3:00pm   Air New Zealand 520 768 1:06
2 Auckland Houston 6:30pm   Air New Zealand 28 11,938 13:45
3 Houston Huntsville 3:38pm   United 4454 957 1:18
4 Huntsville Houston 12:52pm   United 4418 957 2:04
5 Houston Auckland 8:25pm   Air New Zealand 29 11,957 15:10
6 Auckland Christchurch 9:00am   Air New Zealand 509 768 1:06
Total of 6 Flights, 3 Airports, 2 Airlines 27.345 KM 34 Hours

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