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Statue of Liberty

On Thursday I took a trip to Liberty Island the home of the statue of liberty. I booked my tickets months ago which allowed me access to the Pedestal and the Crown of the statue.

First off catch the downtown line to South Ferry - the subway was very busy on the way downtown.

While queuing to receive my actual ticket. The view is over downtown Manhattan.

On the boat taking me to the island - the boat was very full of tourists like me.


My ticket gets me access to the area just under the spikes above the face - quite a few steps to walk up.



This photo is taken from the pedestal which is the top of the rock area just below the actual statue.



Lots of steps and a very tight staircase to get to the top.



Not a lot of room to stand when you are at the top.

The images below are from Ellis Island


New York City


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