Germany - Neckargemund

Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber

We drove from Neckargemund to Rothernburg today and it was a quick little drive.

Along the way we stopped at a little town and saw a funny little car. There was a museum but it was closed on the day we drove through so we took the opportunity to use their toilets. There was also a church with lovely art work all over the ceiling.


The GPS took us down the main street with all the tourists and we found the hotel. We could not check in until 3pm so we dropped out bags off and parked the car in their parking facility (6 EURO per day) and went for a walk.


The good old Heffiweizen...

One of the town gates - we drove through this into the town.

The quintessential Rothernberg scene

A few drinks in the sun


Good Cheap beer - Large Paulaner Hefeweizen - 3 euro 10 cents, Pam had a Paulaner Export - 2 Euro 60 cents.

A walk along the river overlooking the village


A simple coffee - but not very good. The building was better than the coffee.


Very nice glass tiled windows in the cafe

Our house in the middle of the street

We are staying in a town called Neckargemund which is about 8 km from Heidelberg.


Our house is called SchilderHauschen or (Schilder cottage) and was built in 1569 - making it 447 years old.

We even found a little miniature version of it in the house. A house in the house?

It looks very odd and tiny from the street but it is quite spacious. We have the top two floors with the bottom floor used by the owner to run his business.

Around the town

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