Our first dinner was at the French Restaurant - Chez Isabel

A duck liver pate


Fillet Mignon


Cheese for Desert (Chris) and a berry crepe (Pam)

There was a few items not available on the menu which was a pity as we both wanted Duck Confit but it was not available, neither was the Venison Chop.

Final dinner in Germany

After a day of looking around at the some sights we decided that we did not want Italian food and did not really find anything else we wanted so we went back to the supermarket where they sold cooked meats and chicken.

We took a look and most of what was there earlier in the day was gone but there was 1/2 chickens for 3 euro 20 cents. So we went into the shop to buy some beer about 1 euro 20 each. We bought 3 bottles and some bread rolls.

We went back out to the meat and found that the 1/2 chickens were now 2 euro - discounted as it was now about 6:15pm

We waked back to our hotel room and I grabbed a couple of glasses and we headed over the river and found a seat and ate our little meal and drank some beers. The river area just got busier and busier as the evening wore on and there was almost none of the river wall free by about 8pm.

It was a nice way to finish off our trip to Germany and it was a lovely evening with the temperature about 24.

Is a 500ml beer too expensive in NZ?

A 6 pack for 1 euro 74 cents from the super market, 58 cents per liter.

Probably pretty piss poor piss but still!

Simple dinner in Wurzburg

We went out looking for some German food but could not find anything. There was lots of Italian and a Mexican but no German. Using the phone we found a 3 star place but thought it would be too expensive for crap quality.

So we had a beer at a place called Besitos Wuerzburg but did not eat there.

We went to an Italian place Larustica Pizzeria across the road and sat in the outdoor area across the street from the restaurant. We ordered a couple of Pizzas and a beer and that was enough.


Beer was 3 euro 60 cents and the pizza on the left was 8 euro and the right was 11 Euro.

The edges of the pizza looked pretty dry so we added Olive oil to them to make them better. We also picked some little Thyme leaves growing in a little garden next to our table and added that to it as well.

Breakfast Time



Dinner at the Castle Night 2


Spargil Soup (White Asparagus Soup)


Chris had pork medallions in a mushroom sauce and Pam had Spargal

Desert was an Espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream in it.

Dinner at the Castle Night 1


The castle has a nice little annex for dinner with lovely views out over the farmland around the hotel.


For starters we both had a soup - Chris has a Carrot and Ginger Soup with a Prawn wrapped in a string of crunchy potato. Pam had a Wine soup which had a lot of cheese in it and it was very rich.     

For mains we both had a dish of Pork and Beef with a lovely Cognac sauce servers on a small sword.

Both dishes come with a potato rosti.

The soups were around 4 EURO and the mains 16 Euro.

We both had a wine, Pam a white wine and Chris had a red wine. The red wine tasted of Cherries and was ok but not something I would want again and Pam's was rather not nice. About 4 Euro each.

There was no room left for anything else..

A nice evening.

Our hotel food in Rothernburg

The reception area in the hotel was very nice although we did not really use it at all.



Some tasty options for breakfast

Dinner at Pizzeria Da Vinci

We went to a restaurant tonight that is rated at #4 in Cochem called Pizzeria Da Vinci.

Chris had a schnitzel and Pam had the white asparagus.



The meal came to 32 euro and 80 cents for the following:

  • 1 Sparkling Water 700ml - 4.90
  • 1 Schnitzel - 9.50
  • 1 side dish of Broccoli - 2.50
  • 1 side of Pepper Sauce - 1.50
  • 1 side of onions - 1.50
  • 1 Asparagus - 12.90

Wine shops on the way down from the castle

Along our walk back to the apartment we came across a few wine shops selling their wares. They are small places that only sell their own products so not like a typical wine shop.

Our first one I only took a photo through the door but we tried 3 wines and bought a bottle of Kernel Spatlese 2014 for about 7 euro. The winery was called schlossbergkeller.

Our next shop was closer to the main town and was a lot more commercial in nature with lots of products to sell including lots of liquors and spirits in glass jars. Quite expensive prices as they sell it by the 100ml.



We tried 3 wines and then I asked about their ICE wines which are quite expensive 30-50 euro per 1/2 bottle.

A tasting was 2 euro 50 cents for these wines and it was per little (very little) glass.

Since it was costing 2 and 1/2 euro per glass I said I would like the most expensive one since they cost the same. 

The guy poured it and it was corked - how terrible - the bottle was 1/2 empty and they had been selling tasting and they never tried it.

He opened another bottle and this was good, not corked but he still charged me for the tasting - he should have given it to me for free.

The wine was stunning but I am not going to pay 50 euro for it.

We did buy a cheaper wine at 8 euro 80 cents - 2014 Riesling Grauschiefe - 9%. It was from Walter J Oster -

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