Germany - Colmberg

Breakfast Time



Leaving Burg Colmburg

We are leaving Burg Colmburg in about 30 minutes, we have had a lovely time here. The castle is a lot more authentic that Burg Richenstien on the Rhine.

The castle is like a museum that you live in, out room has two single beds with carved head board and foot board?

We have a nice stone wall which is the outside wall of the castle and a great view out the window over the farm yards below and across the plains.

Dinner at the Castle Night 2


Spargil Soup (White Asparagus Soup)


Chris had pork medallions in a mushroom sauce and Pam had Spargal

Desert was an Espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream in it.

A walk into Colmburg

We went for a walk during the day to see the local Colmburg village which is only down the hill.

It was about lunchtime and there was very little going on - the town only has 44 streets.

The main little grocer shop was closed. 

There looked to be a pub and a pizza bar open.

It was now 12 o'clock and the Church bells started ringing we we decided to take a look in there.


We decided we would eat at the castle again since it was so nice the previous night.


A nice beer was in order on our return from the walk in the castle outdoor area.

Dinner at the Castle Night 1


The castle has a nice little annex for dinner with lovely views out over the farmland around the hotel.


For starters we both had a soup - Chris has a Carrot and Ginger Soup with a Prawn wrapped in a string of crunchy potato. Pam had a Wine soup which had a lot of cheese in it and it was very rich.     

For mains we both had a dish of Pork and Beef with a lovely Cognac sauce servers on a small sword.

Both dishes come with a potato rosti.

The soups were around 4 EURO and the mains 16 Euro.

We both had a wine, Pam a white wine and Chris had a red wine. The red wine tasted of Cherries and was ok but not something I would want again and Pam's was rather not nice. About 4 Euro each.

There was no room left for anything else..

A nice evening.

Around the castle







Around the inside of the castle

There is a lot of dead animals all over the inside of the castle including Bird, Phesants, Ducks, Goats, Deer, Bears.








Our room in the castle


Colmberg, Germany




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