Germany - Bamberg

Leaving Bamberg

We ate breakfast in our hotel in Bamberg (not included) just coffee and a few bread rolls with Jam and orange juice.

We paid are accommodation and asked for a taxi to take us to the train station. 

We got to the train station in plenty of time and bought a ticket for 25 EURO for both of us to Wurzburg.

Our train was at 10:26 and we got to the right track about 10am.

There was a lot of people who looked like they were going to the Soccer somewhere.

The display said out train was leaving at 10:26 and another train at 10:36 to Nuremberg.

The train showed up at 10:24 (said Wurzburg) so we got on it. It did not leave for 10 minutes which seemed a bit odd. It was very busy with lots of people going to the Soccer game.

About 40 minutes into it Pam said she though we are going the wrong way so I pulled out the phone and checked and it did look like we were going to Nuremberg. Not long later we heard that the train was stopping in Nuremberg and it was the end of the line for it.

So I checked for another train to Wurzburg and there was one in about 6 minutes and ICE train. So we found the line (just next to where we got off) and waited a few minutes and jumped on.

We found a second class cabin and threw our bags up top (23KG so not quite a throw) and grabbed a seat. A few minutes later we hear the german word "Entschuldigen" which means excuse me and apparently we were sitting in someones reserved seats.

The carriage was full and so was the next so we basically stood between the carriages for the journey. 

About 20 minutes later the inspector comes along and I show him our tickets and he says these are not valid on this train. I try to explain to him that we got to the track on time, and the correct train but it took us to Nuremberg instead of Wurzburg. In the end he said enjoy Wurzburg and walked off so we were very lucky. We still do not know what happened as everything looked good.

We need to catch a train tomorrow morning from Wurzburg to Frankfurt airport and do not want a repeat as we will miss our plane.

On arrival to Wurzburg we grabbed a taxi and it took us to our hotel with no issues.... Very odd...


The driving part of the holiday is now over after dropping the rental car in Bamberg and getting a taxi to our hotel 11 Euro.

My first smoked beer - Bamberg is famous for its smoked beers - see




Our room is on the 3rd floor and it is the second window from the left at the rear of the left side.

Hotel Nepomuk

Bamberg, Germany


The town is first mentioned in history around 902 which makes it a pretty old place at about 1,114 years old. As visitors wander through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bamberg, they are particularly enchanted by the city's many different facets. In the hill city Bamberg portrays itself as the Franconian Rome, the island city with Little Venice is its lively heart.

Bamberg, this means beer from nine breweries within the city, supped in traditional brewery pubs, this means shopping in modern shops and a historical atmosphere.


Bamberg is a town in Bavaria Germany, the historic city centre is a Unisco World Heritage site.

The town is about 210km from Frankfurt, 230km from Munich and 240km from Stuttgart.

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