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Waiting at JFK for our flight to Punta Cana

We got up early today about 4am to catch a cab to the airport.

The hotel had town cars to JFK for $85 USD which was too much for us, so we opted to find a cab on the street at 4:45am

We got down the elevator and went to walk outside and the door man (most do nothing all day) helped us find a cab – basically opened the door and there was a cab waiting.

We checked the price which was $58 USD all up.

It took us about 40 minutes to drive to JFK and even at 5am the roads were starting to get busy but no traffic jams at all.

When we got to the airport the taxi driver wanted cash as he “forgot” to put the meter on. So we paid cash and then he wanted a tip. I said now – you told me all up. So i did not tip him.

We went through security quite quickly and our flight does not leave until 8:30am – it is currently about 6:50am so about another 90 minutes to wait.

Looking forward to some warmth after New York giving us temperatures between –7° and 5°C.

Phantom of the Opera

We went to see the Phantom of the Opera tonight on Broadway at the Majestic Theatre.

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50% discount which was nice – still quite expensive- but a very good show – Amazing.


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Cops are everywhere around Time Square often just sitting in a car, or directing traffic or waking the beat.

View towards Central Park from the Top of the Rock

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Top of the rock


We depart for LA in about 7 hours and then onto New York

Currently snowing in New York – 0°C, but it is supposed to be sunny on Sunday when we arrive – high of 6°C.

To see the current live view go to www.earthcam.com/usa/newyork/timessquare/?cam=tsrobo1

Compared to home – quite sad – nice and warm in Christchurch today 20°C.


For my live cam see - http://weather.crowe.co.nz/Camera/

New York - Novotel, Times Square


226 West 52nd Street
10019 NEW YORK

We are staying at the Novotel in Times Square for 4 nights.

This is quite expensive at $1080 USD + 14.75% Tax + $3.50 USD per night

Getting from the airport to our hotel in NYC


John F. Kennedy International Airport

Catch the Air Train JFK to Jamaica

Walk 3 minutes to Subway

Catch the E line towards World Trade Centre get off at 7th Avenue

Walk 2 minutes to hotel

Should take about 1 hour.

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