Where we are staying

Beyond Resort Karon

We are staying at the Beyond Resort Karon beach.


An intimate and cozy, of hotel 81 rooms located directly on Karon Beach in the south of Karon Bay. Near to shops and other tourist establishments.


We are flying Malaysia Airlines out of Auckland to Kuala Lumpur and then onto Phuket.

Arrive Saturday, 24th October 2015  
Depart Saturday, 31st October 2015  
Nights 7  
Cost 3500 Thai Baht / night – about $149 NZD  

10 Minutes of waves in the morning from our balcony

A dip in the pool


See all the people on the beach – I like to think of them as ants – ants everywhere…… Basically our hotel is the only one that is directly on the beach – all others are back on the main road and you have to cross over the road to get to the beach so most of the people in the water are not from our hotel but somewhere else.

P1130432   P1130345  P1130346

The pool can be quite free of people at most times during the day – a lot of people spend 5-10 minutes in it and then go back to lie on their chairs. I have spent hours in the pool.


Pam has been in the pool which is a very rare thing, although she uses a smaller pool with bubbles and not so deep.


P1130331  P1130334

Breakfast is included with our room and there is a lovely deck that overlooks the beach if you are early enough to get a table there.

Amazingly we get Espresso coffees with breakfast something I thought I would not drinking until back home in NZ.

There is lots of nice fruits and they change one of them every day – most I do not know what they are.

P1130340   P1130394

P1130438   P1130393

My attempt at some nice photos–the location helps a lot.


P1130473  P1130475  P1130477

P1130478  P1130479  P1130480

P1130481  P1130482  P1130483

P1130484  P1130485  P1130486

P1130487  P1130488  P1130489

P1130490  P1130491  P1130494

P1130493  P1130495  P1130501

Just me in the pool

P1130345  P1130346  P1130347

The pool at times seems very quiet, maybe everyone is at the beach or doing tours?

The Pool

View from the breakfast room balcony

[Group 5]-P1130327_P1130328-2 images

Arriving in Phuket

We arrived in Phuket at about 9:45am, it took about 30 minutes to go through immigration as we got in the wrong queue (as always). You never pick the right queue, but it was all no issue. Thailand now takes a photo of you when you enter the country.

We had arranged our transfer with a company called Thai Happy  - http://www.thaihappytourandtravel.com/

As soon as we left the airport I found the man with my name on a board and we got into a very nice car – quite new only 70,000km on the clock.

The drive from the airport was very long at about 90 minutes, longer than our flight from KL.

The haze that we saw in KL, was also here in Phuket.

Our hotel is nice and we have a room with a great view down the beach and over the pool area.


The view from our room – this was taken on Monday – 2 days after we arrived on Saturday you could hardly make out the white building because of the haze.

P1130305  P1130312

Google Street View of the Hotel and local area.


Click here for Google street view

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