Thailand - Phuket

Beyond Resort Karon

We are staying at the Beyond Resort Karon beach.


An intimate and cozy, of hotel 81 rooms located directly on Karon Beach in the south of Karon Bay. Near to shops and other tourist establishments.


We are flying Malaysia Airlines out of Auckland to Kuala Lumpur and then onto Phuket.

Arrive Saturday, 24th October 2015  
Depart Saturday, 31st October 2015  
Nights 7  
Cost 3500 Thai Baht / night – about $149 NZD  

10 Minutes of waves in the morning from our balcony

Seafood Dinner

The hotel does themed dinners every 2 nights – there was a BBQ one and this one was seafood one.


The dinner was 550 Baht each (about 22 NZD) and included all food but no drinks.

P1130516  P1130518

There was a very nice little moose on a square of bread. Lots of salads, and a large selection of deserts.


P1130521   P1130522


The seafood consisted of Prawns, Crab, Fish and Squid.

A dip in the pool


See all the people on the beach – I like to think of them as ants – ants everywhere…… Basically our hotel is the only one that is directly on the beach – all others are back on the main road and you have to cross over the road to get to the beach so most of the people in the water are not from our hotel but somewhere else.

P1130432   P1130345  P1130346

The pool can be quite free of people at most times during the day – a lot of people spend 5-10 minutes in it and then go back to lie on their chairs. I have spent hours in the pool.


Pam has been in the pool which is a very rare thing, although she uses a smaller pool with bubbles and not so deep.


P1130331  P1130334

Breakfast is included with our room and there is a lovely deck that overlooks the beach if you are early enough to get a table there.

Amazingly we get Espresso coffees with breakfast something I thought I would not drinking until back home in NZ.

There is lots of nice fruits and they change one of them every day – most I do not know what they are.

P1130340   P1130394

P1130438   P1130393


In Phuket as in all of Thailand there are lots of tailors. We went to a couple of get an idea on price – quite hard to do as they are quite pushy and want to sell sell sell.

We found one that looked good and went back the following day but found the process to be a bit of a problem.

We decided on the fabric for some shirts (this can take a while) and then got measured.

Then it was time to pay a deposit. The man then decided that the visa machine did not work and wanted cash. We did not have any cash on us so they then went out and decided they could use someone else's machine. Probably another shop close by?

Then he was going on and on about a 7% fee he got charged and wanted to charge 100% of the price upfront.

So after 2 hours all up or close to it I got pissed off and left the place never to return.

We had enough of tailors for that day

Next day we went out again and found a new tailor called “Thomas Exclusive Style”

P1130504  P1130463  P1130464

P1130460  P1130461  P1130462

I am not sure how the process works exactly, but it looks to me that this guy gas the fabric and then he has people who make the products from his stock.

Pam & I both bought some tailored clothing from this man. Every time we go back to his shop he tries again to upsell us something else – and every time the price gets better.

I bought 6 shirts (+1 free) + 3 pairs of pants for 9,000 Baht.

Got upsold 2 more pairs of pants for 2,000 Baht.

Got upsold 3 more shirts for 1,800 Baht.

This was it – no more now – all up about 12,800 Baht.

Pam had quite a few things made and also ended up buying some more.

The process basically goes like this

  • You look for some fabric and decide what you like – colour, texture, pattern
  • You get measured
  • You pay a deposit
  • They make one of the items and you come back the next day to try to try it. So 1 shirt, 1 pant.
  • They then make any alterations if you want them to and a day or so later you pick them up.
  • Pay the balance

They seem to work 7 days a week – always looking for the next customer.

More curry, more breakfast

P1130433  P1130434 

Eating at the Red Chopsticks again – it is very nice and popular.

P1130435  P1130436 

Duck Curry and Massaman Curry (again) – both lovely.


Breakfast – black pasta frittata, a chicken and noodle dish and a potato rosti.


Noodles with Seafood


Rice with sausage, and a nice noodle dish.

My attempt at some nice photos–the location helps a lot.


P1130473  P1130475  P1130477

P1130478  P1130479  P1130480

P1130481  P1130482  P1130483

P1130484  P1130485  P1130486

P1130487  P1130488  P1130489

P1130490  P1130491  P1130494

P1130493  P1130495  P1130501

Fish Spa


I had seen this on TV at some point previously and I wanted to give it a try. 100 Baht for 15 minutes. Kind of tickles.

Nice view over the beach


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