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Seafood Dinner

The hotel does themed dinners every 2 nights – there was a BBQ one and this one was seafood one.


The dinner was 550 Baht each (about 22 NZD) and included all food but no drinks.

P1130516  P1130518

There was a very nice little moose on a square of bread. Lots of salads, and a large selection of deserts.


P1130521   P1130522


The seafood consisted of Prawns, Crab, Fish and Squid.


P1130331  P1130334

Breakfast is included with our room and there is a lovely deck that overlooks the beach if you are early enough to get a table there.

Amazingly we get Espresso coffees with breakfast something I thought I would not drinking until back home in NZ.

There is lots of nice fruits and they change one of them every day – most I do not know what they are.

P1130340   P1130394

P1130438   P1130393

More curry, more breakfast

P1130433  P1130434 

Eating at the Red Chopsticks again – it is very nice and popular.

P1130435  P1130436 

Duck Curry and Massaman Curry (again) – both lovely.


Breakfast – black pasta frittata, a chicken and noodle dish and a potato rosti.


Noodles with Seafood


Rice with sausage, and a nice noodle dish.

More yummy food

P1130351  P1130353

90 Baht each - Massaman curry and Tom Yum Goong

P1130367  P1130376  P1130380

90 Baht each - Pad Thai – Pam had prawn and I had with chicken (I also spiced mine up with Chilli)



Monday started with us waking quite early and taking a walk along the beach. The haze has basically gone at the moment so it is looking a lot nicer.

[Group 4]-P1130315_P1130319-5 images

P1130332  P1130334  P1130335

P1130340  P1130341  P1130343

Dinner at Red Chopsticks

Our first night we ate at a restaurant called Red Chopsticks which looked very nice and another guest I spoke to recommended it. The prices were good and it was very busy.

P1130267-Edit  P1130302

We ordered:

Chicken Kai Gai Soup – 99 Baht / $4NZD

Duck Curry – 199 Baht – $8NZD

Massamam Curry – 199 Baht – $8NZD

My beer was a Singa – 600ml – 240 Baht / $10NZD

Pam has a Sprite – 60 Baht / $3NZD

P1130263  P1130266  P1130265

The food was lovely and looked and tasted great – I wish I could cook Thai like that.

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