Canada - Montreal

A long day travelling to Montreal

Our flight from Vancouver to Montreal was at 9:20am but we left the hotel at about 6:45 so we had plenty of time. Our arrival time was 4:50pm with a 3 hour time zone change during  the flight.

The flight was just under 5 hours – pretty easy….

We then caught a taxi from the Airport to the hotel – fixed cost $40 + tip ($4)

Old Montreal

The old port of Montreal and Old Montreal is quite a small area – only 1 square km so it is a very compact place.


It only took us a short walk to basically see most of it in about 1 hour.

There are tons of restaurants and souvenir shops in the area and in full summer it must get pretty busy.  There was lots of places getting renovations for the new season of tourists.

P1080286   P1080346  P1080347

Being in Canada it was quite strange that French is the main language but everyone speaks perfect English as well.

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There was also lots of art shops with very expensive art for sale and some for sale on the street.

P1080330  P1080331  P1080350


We arrived that the hotel Auberge Du-Vieux Port around 5 pm and were shown our room. It was a nice room on the 5th floor – Not the sort of room that would survive an earthquake of any strength but still nice.

P1080261  P1080262 


The view from our window was nice over the river and old port.


Travel Map

Montreal–Auberge Du Vieux Port


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