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Departing New York

We were up early today (5am) as we had an early flight to the Cayman Islands at 8:50am. We checked out at about 6am and got a city car (quite flash large suburban vehicle – all leather) to the airport – cost $55 + tip.

The trip in the city car took about 35 minutes – I guess in any sort of busy time this could be anywhere up to 2 hours.

Another mild day in New York – not cold.

So we went to check-in and I mistakenly booked my ticket under the name “Chris Crowe” and not “Christopher Crowe” and the check-in person said that security may not accept that!

So we went to security and tried our luck and when the lady asked Pam’s name she said “Pam” instead of “Pamela” and I said “Chris” instead of “Christopher” and we got through with no problems.

Through security – Body scan – had a similar thing in New Orleans when we went though security there but this one was a Body scan as they had photos that show what their machine shows. Pity the poor person looking at bodies all day.

The flight is on time as far as I know and soon we will be boarding.

Last meal in New York

After walking for a lot of blocks about 30 up to Times Square and back down towards our hotel were going to go to a place to have BBQ next 35th and 6th Avenue. We found the place but they had a wait of 20 minutes so we cancelled that and ended up going back to 7th Avenue – 6th was looking a bit dodgy.

The place was called Mustang Harrys and it was a bar + restaurant. The place was quite busy but we got a seat very easily with most people watching the game on the screens all around the bar.

P1050959  P1050961

We ordered a spinach and onion and cheese dip with corn chips for a starter and shared that and also a full rack of ribs to share.

 P1050963  P1050964

The dip came out hot and was very nice, we could have probably settled it there but then the ribs came out with a dressed potato and a huge amount of coleslaw.

The ribs were very tasty and dropped off the bone with a simple flick of the fork (probably a bit overdone).

Overall very nice food. We ordered a couple of beers from their huge menu of beers – no indication of cost.

Mine was nice but later found out $10 per glass and Pam’s was $8 per glass.

All up about 75$ including Tax (not tip) – the beers were $28 + Tax for 3 glasses.

A walk from our hotel to Times Square on a Saturday night

My god – there is a lot of people here – far too many for me but Pam likes them.

P1050921  P1050961

Just across the street and down about a block from our hotel – there was a Ice Hockey game on last night against the Rangers (Local Team) and XYZ – the Rangers lost!\

P1050925  P1050926

P1050927  P1050930

P1050932  P1050946

P1050948  P1050949

P1050950  P1050951

P1050952  P1050953


Hi Line Walk

The High Line is a public park built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. It is owned by the City of New York, and maintained and operated by Friends of the High Line. Founded in 1999 by community residents, Friends of the High Line fought for the High Line’s preservation and transformation at a time when the historic structure was under the threat of demolition. It is now the non-profit conservancy working with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation to make sure the High Line is maintained as an extraordinary public space for all visitors to enjoy

highline  highline2

Some photo’s I found of it

P1050760  P1050772

Lots of people walking the 1 mile path.

P1050765   P1050770

Some funky buildings along the way – residential apartments

P1050764  P1050769

P1050774  P1050775

Some older buildings in the area as seen from the High Line walk.

After this walk we found a bar (tired feet) and went in for a drink. Buy 1 get 1 free. Sounded good as we have missed this after New Orleans. Well two Heinekens were $16 but I guess we got 4 for that price. It was a locals place and was pretty noisy. We stayed for about 40 minutes and then caught a taxi back to the hotel.

P1050823  P1050782

TV in the back of the Taxi drivers seat – I guess it saves you looking out the window at the other taxi’s everywhere.

A walk around Bryant Park on a lovely warm day

Bryant park is located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 42nd street

Here are some older photos I found of Bryant Park and what was originally the Croton Reservoir.


1899 overhead view of the Croton Reservoir


View from early 1900s


Post card from 1937

and now

P1050823  P1050824

Taxi’s are everywhere!

P1050825  P1050826

Quite a nice place to rest in the busy city – heaps and heaps of tables & chairs to sit at.

 P1050851  P1050856 

 P1050855 P1050849

People relaxing in the park including me

P1050829 P1050854

Some nice old architecture and the end of spring…

Street vendors selling his wares

P1050800  P1050904

I bought a hat from him.

Some street food in New York we have tried + other New York foods

New York Cream Cheese Bagel, all of the bagels in this place are hand rolled and fresh. It is called Best Bagel & Coffee on 225 West 35th Street.

P1050797  P1050799

Pam had a Raisin and Walnut with plan cream cheese, I has an Onion+Salt + Garlic bagel with cream cheese and vegetables (Red + Green peppers).

P1050798  P1050796

The American hotdog – these range from $1 to $2 for the same thing.

P1050915  P1050742

Drummer in New York playing with nothing but Pots & Pans and buckets.

While walking along 7th avenue near 42nd street we came across this guy playing with pots & pans and buckets.

Amazing what you can make with your moms kitchen stuff!

Drummer in New York playing with nothing but Pots & Pans and buckets.

A simple dinner

We went Japanese tonight for Dinner (in fact we did last night as well at the same place)

The place is called KobeYaki and it is really good. Last night we dined in and tonight Pam picked up some takeaways and bought them back to the hotel after shopping.

P1050737  P1050738-nobackground

The burger which was great is a Kobe Beef Burger with Kobe Beef, Teriyaki onions, Teriyaki ketchup and carrots + cabbage on a brioche bun. ($8.97 + Tax)

The salad was a pepper crusted seared tuna, avocado, edamame, romaine lettuce, kaiware, cabbage, cucumber, carrots, crispy noodles, creamy ginger dressing ($9.66 + Tax)

Overall a great dish and great burger and great dinner.

A visit to Lower Central Park

We caught the #1 subway from South Ferry to Columbus Circle and exited and entered the park – or tried to. Lots of Black men trying to encourage you to take their bikes or bike tours. The tours were very expensive at about $70 per person per hour.

[Group 8]-P1050618_P1050627-10 images

P1050628  P1050631

P1050630  P1050637

P1050645  P1050670

P1050718  P1050689

P1050693  P1050723

Some local birds, and other animals in the park

P1050633  P1050641

P1050649  P1050669

P1050683  P1050687

P1050700  P1050705

Some other pics in the park

P1050651  P1050654

P1050657  P1050660

P1050658  P1050663

P1050693  P1050697

P1050709  P1050711

P1050725  P1050726

P1050642  P1050643

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