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Just some photos from around the French Quarter

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Pam & I having a drink at broussards which was across the road from our hotel in Conti Street. We booked in for dinner but cancelled and had about 4 dozen oysters instead!

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Local artists trying to sell there wares

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We planned to go on one of these paddle steamers but never got around to it.


The cathedral in New Orleans French Quarter

The cathedral is called “St Louis Cathedral

Saint Louis Cathedral, also known as the Basilica of St. Louis, King of France, is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans; it has the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating cathedral in the (as now constituted) United States

The first church on the site was built in 1718; the third, built in 1789, was raised to cathedral rank in 1793. The cathedral was expanded and largely rebuilt in 1850, with little of the 1789 structure remaining.

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The view from outside – almost like a fairy tale.

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Bourbon Street

Bourbon street is obviously not what it use to be – strip clubs, bars and restaurants everywhere, all with music, hardly any with Jazz.

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There is more Jazz around the area during the day with small bands on the street but not much in the bars. Most bars have live music at night.

Lots of happy hours, 2 for 1, and even 3 for 1 drinks.


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I bought Pam a hurricane which is far too sweet and basically White Rum, Dark Rum, Grenadine, and sugar water and other fruit juices. The one I bought was for the 3 for 1 deal which did not mean 3 drinks but 3 x the alcohol.

Needless to say – 1 was enough for Pam….


Chilli Shop

Walking down Decatur street we came across a shop that only sells Pepper Sauces, Salas, and a few other things like rubs called Pepper Palace.

Almost all was available for tasting and tasting I did including the 10+++ which is a killer.


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I only bought one called “Hot Habanero-Mango” not too hot I think from memory only a 6 but quite full of flavour.



Coffee–I assume to put in their drip machines


A ride on an airboat in the Bayou

I booked a trip (by myself) for an airboat adventure in the Bayou (slow moving river). I booked with the company “air boat adventures” and my caption was “Captain Greg”

Here is Greg and an airboat.

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My trip was planned for 2pm and was picked up at the hotel about 12:45pm to do the rounds of picking up others from different hotels.

The location their business is at is called “port laffitte” and we got a history lesson the ride out there – about 35 miles.

The trip was $90 USD including transportation + Tips (driver of the airboat + driver of the bus)

It was a nice warm day about 26°c

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I saw lots of alligators – you would not want to fall off the boat.

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Greg obviously knows how to deal with them – he has lived in the area his whole life and still has both hands!

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Greg was saying that he thinks this alligator could be 100 years old. You can tell she is old by the length of the breast.


A drink in Bourbon Street

We went out about 7pm to see the action in Bourbon Street. And action is what was there, it was dark now, and there were 1000’s of people walking the streets – heaps of people really drunk. There were lots of 3 for 1 happy hours along the street so we checked out one.

We got 3 Heineken beers (brewed in Holland) for $6.75 so indeed 3 for 1.

This large piece of art was on the wall and I liked it so I took a photo. There was a band and DJ setting up – the music was quite good the DJ was playing with some lady rapping words over it.


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Bourbon Street is very busy and most of the music at night is not Jazz.

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We were going to go to an Oyster restaurant called Acme Oyster House but there were queues waiting to get in down the street. So we went to another one across the street called Felix’s about 10 people waiting. We shared a dozen raw oysters (they can be very large) and then a 1/2 dozen char grilled which were lovely.  We also got a Jambalaya dish which was OK but no where near as good as the oysters.

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Off to New Orleans

We are off to New Orleans – a quick breakfast and then grab the shuttle to the airport. About a 15 minute drive to LAX from Lawndale so pretty easy. We left at 8am as the shuttle only goes once per hour and we were here by 8:15am.

Security was pretty easy – off with the shoes and out with the computer and I am through. Pam on the other hand tries to go through with a metal pendant and her around the neck bag. So she has to go back to security and put them through the machine. She then also gets stopped by having her watch still on – back again and this time all ok.

So it is only about 8:30 and our flight is not until 10:30 – we probably should have caught the 9am shuttle.

So we wait and wait and are then told the inbound flight is delayed because of de-icing in Salt Lake City.

Finally we are told it has landed but it does not show at the gate. More time passes and we are told the plane in front of it was waiting for the machine to pull it to the gate and it broken down and they have to tow it away and get a new one.

So finally our 10:30am flight is going to leave at 11:20am.

All sitting on the plane waiting and we hear the familiar voice of the gate man saying that they are replacing the wheel on one of the tires and it should not be too long.

We finally take off at about 11:45 – an uneventful flight once we leave and we arrive in New Orleans at 5:30pm.

We get a taxi into town as it costs less than the shuttle ($33 vs $38) and book into the Prince Conti hotel.

Pam does not like our room as it has no Windows!

Looks like we will be changing rooms to a normal room today (Saturday) and then back to a Suite on Sunday + Monday.

Prince Conti Hotel – New Orleans, Louisiana

Prince Conti Hotel
830 Conti Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

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