Cayman Islands - Grand Cayman

A trip out to Stingray City

As part of choosing the Caymans Pam was always keen to go out to Stingray City and see the stingrays. For someone who dislikes boats unless they are huge and water even more so she said that she would go into the water with the stingrays.

There are lots of companies that will take you out to see the stingrays but after looking at Trip Advisor we choose on Captain Dextor and his FantaSea Tours.

This is a small tour company 2 men – Caption Dextor and his mate Simon.

We booked into an afternoon session a few days earlier and looked forward to getting out there.


Our condo is about half way between the words “seven mile beach” and “George Town” – we crossed the island and then we were ready to board the boat.

[Group 2]-P1060298_P1060301-4 images  P1060302

Our catamaran that took us out to stingray city – Pam was not keen when she saw it as she hates boats, especially this one!

Shoes off and we got on with the other 18 people and sat around and powered out to the stingrays.

[Group 2]-P1060309_P1060311-3 images

The small harbour from where we left from.

[Group 2]-P1060305_P1060308-4 images

Past some rather nice homes.

P1060304  P1060313

Captain Dextor skippering the boat on our way out to the main water


Pam enjoying the trip?

P1060331 P1060336

Getting close we see more people and boats – about 8 boats where there when we went out.

P1060340  P1060341

A stingray in the water – the water was about 6 –10 feet deep – just off the boat it was shallower about 3 feed deep.

P1060342  P1060343

Pam touching a stingray while Captain Dextor holds it for her


Simon passing a stingray to me to hold – they feel very silky on the underside and a bot rougher on the top side. There eyes are at the top of their heat and their mouth is below their head on the under side. I fed a small piece of squid to one of them.

After this we went to a nearby reef which had a nice selection of corals in the water. I went out there for about 30-40 minutes, Pam relaxed on the boat.

A few different fish species that I had not seen while in the water off 7 mile beach. Quite lovely.

After this they put the sail and we sailed back to port  (well 1/2 way back to port)

A very good afternoon and a wonderful thing to try.

It cost about $35 USD each

Lobster dinner at the Marriot.

P1060297  P1060263

We saw on Facebook a post from Cayman Good Taste about an all you can eat Lobster on Wednesdays nights at the Marriott which is about 100 meters from our condo. It was Wednesday and we would have had to have gone out to buy something for dinner so we decided to book in. The cost was $65 Cayman Dollars + 15% tip (included in the bill automatically in the Caymans) and it included a glass of bubbles.

We did not know what sort of menu it would be and thought that it was a buffet or something with lots of salads but it was all al a carte.

We arrived at 7:30 and found the restaurant was outside which was nice – it was still warm – probably 25 or 26c but there were large overhead fans going. We arrived and were offered a table and the lady said that one by the balcony was going to come free in a few minutes so we can setup at the other table and then move.

They gave us water and the menu to look at and then cleaned up the other table and moved us across.

P1060249  P1060256

We were told the wine as 1 glass per person included in the menu price but that they like to keep people happy so there is no limit to the bubbles. The bubbles was an Italian Prosecco.


To start with the waiter who was from Italy bought us the chefs little amuse bouche to start with – lobster with a mango salsa – a sign of good things to come.

P1060255  P1060257

To start with Pam ordered a Caribbean Lobster Bisque and I ordered the green salad with chardonnay poached lobster medallions – both lovely – photos do not do justice.

P1060259  P1060267

P1060269  P1060270

For main we both ordered the Caribbean grilled Lobster with creole sauce.

 P1060265  P1060266

After the grilled Lobster we ordered a Lobster Thermidor each, Pam’s with vegetables and mine without.

Pam then was getting full and ordered a desert – I being a man who likes Lobster ordered another grilled Lobster (without vegetables)


For desert we each had a sticky toffee pudding.

So we had about 4 glasses of bubbles each – lots of food and a great time. The waiter was super helpful and you could tell he enjoyed his work.


His name was I believe Mikael.

P1060292  P1060293

The garden area at the Marriot.

A few night shots near the pool while cooking Baby Back ribs

I as cooking Baby Back Ribs for dinner and since I was waiting for it to cook I took a few night shorts with long exposures as it was getting dark.

[Group 1]-P1060151_P1060152-2 images

Click on the photo above for a larger version.

P1060141  P1060143 

P1060145  P1060146

P1060147  P1060148

 P1060150  P1060153


Lunch from Chicken - Chicken

We went for a walk to day to the local shops about 500 meters and went to Chicken Chicken to get a wood fired Chicken. The cost for a whole bird was $14.65 CI which is quite a bit for a chicken. But that is OK as I am sure they had to import them like most other products.

P1060239  P1060240

P1060244  P1060245

To me it looked and sounded like Gas fired with some wood on for show. The Chicken was overcooked and did not really taste of wood flavouring so a bit of a pity – still nice though.

We assume some sort of Jerk Rub was used on it.

Our Condo–Tamarind Bay #16

We are staying at the Tamarind Bay Condos in Unit #16

P1060214  P1060216

Bedroom #1 & Bathroom #1

P1060217  P1060218

Bedroom #2 and Bathroom #2

P1060219  P1060220

Hall way and Kitchen

P1060222  P1060228

Dining room & Lounge + Outdoor Lanai (with insect screens)

P1060227  P1060226

The Den with large screen TV (TV’s are also in the bedrooms)

Some photos from around our Condo

[Group 2]-P1060184_P1060191-8 images

The beach in front of the condo (click on photo for larger version)

[Group 3]-P1060209_P1060213-5 images

The pool area (click on photo for larger version)

[Group 2]-P1060197_P1060200-4 images

Facing towards the Marriot about 100 meters down the beach (click on photo for larger version)

[Group 1]-P1060176_P1060177-2 images

The pirate boat which you can go on -

P1060207 P1060209

A walk into George Town from our Condo

We decided to walk towards the supermarket and see how we felt. The supermarket is about 1km away – well we did that and then wanted some lunch. So we continued on – 3 large cruise boats were in port – this happens every day except Saturday and possibly Sunday. No idea how far we walked but it felt a hell of a long way there (and back).

[Group 6]-P1050990_P1050998-9 images

Overall the coast line is very rocky (Coral) and nasty, even outside our condo is mainly rocky (note: Not photos below) with some places that are free of rocks but with the movement of the water you end up near the coral again.

P1060001  P1060002

P1060003  P1060004

P1060005  P1060008

Overall George town is not pretty and basically not what I thought a Caribbean port town would be like but it its what it is.

P1060006  P1060007 

The port boats departing to another land….

Arriving in Grand Cayman from New York

We arrived in Grand Cayman with no delays and it was warm when we arrived – quite different from the New York that we left.

We were given a bottle of water upon entering the Customs and Immigration area which was nice even though we walked less than 100 meters.

Immigration very easy and we gave 1 of 2 forms and we were off to pick up out bags.

We picked up our bags, put then on a trolley and headed towards a customs line. Bad choice in line – the customs person was going through every bag of the person 2 up from us so we did a U turn and found another one. This was easy as we had nothing to declare except 2 bottles of GIN (1 each).

Outside we found that there was a Taxi Dispatcher who would take your details and direct you to a taxi.


I looked after the bags and Pam went to the lady. She cam back with a slip of paper and said the first taxi on the rank was ours.

The taxi driver was unsure of the exact location and even with Pam telling him where it was he had to ring dispatch. Dispatch laughed at him for not knowing and he should have as it was about 5 minutes from the airport.

The name of the place we are staying at is called “Tamarind Bay Condos” – I did not know before we got there the name or anything about it as it was my Birthday present from last year.

The taxi dispatcher wrote that our taxi fare was $18.00 or so but a 5 minute taxi ride? and we tipped him as well!

The outside of the condo complex looked a bit old – but inside the unit it lovely.

The unit we have is 2nd floor, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large lounge + Kitchen (Fridge + Freezer + Water + Ice, Microwave, Dishwasher, Oven, Utensils + pots & Pans) + Separate TV lounge, Outside area with netting over all the windows to stop insects. Fully air conditioned in all rooms + ceiling fans as well.

The view from the main lounge is stunning with the beach only 25 feet in front of the window. There is a large pool as well.

P1050970  P1050973

[Group 7]-P1060023_P1060029-7 images

[Group 3]-P1060020_P1060022-2 images

Our unit #16 it the unit in the front at the top and it takes the entire top floor as shown.

Simply great… more photos to come

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