Mexico - Cancun

I asked for a Cognac and this is what I got!


And yes that is a brandy balloon – heaps of Cognac!

P1070152  P1070153

Pam’s cocktail is todays special “Excellence Amanecer” – comprising Curazao Liqueur (blue stuff), white rum, vodka, strawberry syrup, orange juice, pineapple juice and coconut cream.


I decided to go Parasailing today as it is our last day before the 4 flights to get home.

The cost was $66 for about 15 minutes in the air. You got taken out in a small boat to the main boat to go on the chair.

Pam was a definite no to this one – so I had to go alone.

P1070049  P1070054

From the small boat being taken to the larger boat.

P1070055  P1070057

No safety ropes to hold me in and basically not much to hold on to.

P1070060  P1070101

I managed to do a couple of self snaps while up in the air.

[Group 6]-P1070061_P1070066-6 images

A nice panoramic shot from up in the chair of the hotels along the beach line  (click for a larger version of the image)

P1070067  P1070073

Just a pipe to put your feet on

P1070069  P1070071

A great view from above

P1070072  P1070075

P1070077  P1070078

P1070079  P1070084

P1070089  P1070090

P1070098  P1070102

Notice that rope is not very large!

P1070121  P1070142     

The reset from the air and one of the people who took photos and wanted me to buy them!

I just like this garden scene

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A few cocktails in the bar and then dinner in the French Restaurant Chez Isabelle

A few cocktails in the bar and then dinner in the French Restaurant Chez Isabelle.

P1060741  P1060742

Cocktail of the day -  Caribe Esmeralda – Curazao Liqueur, White Rum, Gin, Peach Liqueur, Banana Liqueur and coconut cream.

And a Margareta Up – Tequila, Triple sec, Orange Liqueur and Lime Juice.

P1060744  P1060745

A Pina Coloda and a simple Bloody Mary

P1060746  P1060747


An amuse bouche of Escargot (Snail) – very tender and lovely. I think first or second time I have tried snails.

P1060754  P1060755 

A starter of Seared Tune and Steak Tar Tar and a duck pate.

P1060756  P1060759

Pam had and Duck – the duck had a chinese flavour which I think did not suit a French restaurant.

P1060760  P1060762

Seared Mahi Mahi with Rice and Prawns – and Pam finished with a Crème brûlée.

P1060764  P1060765

Have I mentioned that I love this all inclusive deal – amazing.

Cost of tonight $0.00

A private tour and ….

I had seen on some brochures and the hotel TV that they do cooking lessons and tours of the hotel kitchens. I looked around and ended up calling the concierge and he said there was one today but i could not find any details about it so I went to the hotel reception and spoke to the concierge there (different person) who looked up and said there was nothing until Friday/Saturday and we check out on Friday.

He said he would see if he could arrange the chef to do a special tour in the time before we leave.

Later in the afternoon the concierge rang to say that the chef was able to do the tour tonight at 5:30pm for Pam & I.

Wow – we were to meet in the Martini Bar at 5:30 so we arrived early and had a few Margaritas while we waited.


Chef Ernisto who said the tour will take 15-20 minutes

P1060709  P1060710

In order for us to do the tour we needed to dress up in Chefs Whites as it is a real kitchen. Pam had to have a hair net as well as the hat.

As part of the tour we venture into a lot of the kitchens that the restaurant has and seen the prep areas and people setting up for tonight's service.

There was someone dealing with Avocados who had hundreds to scoop out the flesh to make guacamole.

As part of our tour we got to cook our own dish in the real kitchen while the staff had to do the real cooking for customers.

P1060716  P1060712

P1060713  P1060715

Pam did Prawns with a Mango Sauce and I did a fillet steak.

P1060717  P1060718

P1060719  P1060720

Pam plating her disk

P1060721  P1060723

The chef and us with our dishes.


The finished masterpiece's – and they were lovely to eat.

The tour that was supposed to take 15-20 minutes ended up being 1.5 hours. We had a great time and appreciated the executive chef spending 1.5 hours of his day with us - amazing

Bar #2 - The revive bar


[Group 3]-P1060582_P1060585-4 images


These were non alcoholic drinks – about 10am.

Mine was called a Relax – a combination of Orange, Carrot, Peach and Banana.

Pams was a Energizer -  a combination of Papaya, Yogurt, Ganola and Honey.

Is it a dream

The hotel has 9 restaurants and 11 bars – and none of them have a cash register!

You just order what you want and that is it – maybe a tip at the end of the night!


P1060546 P1060548

P1060545 P1060544


After numerous cocktails we needed food – we decided on the Tapas restaurant.

P1060550 P1060558

P1060551  P1060553

P1060555  P1060556

P1060562  P1060564

P1060565  P1060566

P1060567  P1060568


8 Restaurants + 10 bars to go…

I forgot to mention – the mini bar has some beers and soft drinks and water and is also free. Everything is free!

On the move again

We have now left the Cayman Islands – we had a great time there in a wonderful location.

Overall the prices are expensive as the Cayman Dollar is worth more than the US$ – 1 USD$ = $0.80 cents, or $1 Cayman Dollar = $1.25 USD

Both currencies are accepted without issue everywhere. Even the credit card receipts are charged in Cayman but with the USD included as well.


So an early flight 7:50am to Miami and a few hours there in the airport.

After arriving we see signs that point you to passport control – we walk and walk and then catch a sky train and walk and walk and finally get to the passport control where there is long lines of people waiting.  All up about 50 minutes from the plane arriving to us being past security.

While waiting for our connecting flight we had a nice cheese platter (Blue, Camembert, Goat, and Gouda)  in one of the restaurants.

Then off to Mexico – only a 1.5 hour flight.

We had arranged transfers before we left using Cancun Shuttles and that all went all ok with us picked up quickly and drove us to our hotel – Excellence Playa Mujeres which is about 25 minutes from the airport. We had to go through 3 security areas to get to the hotel.

Upon arrival a small glass of bubbly each and they keep saying “Welcome Home”

The rooms are very nice

P1060535  P1060536


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