Pam with a huge bowl of soup


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Jade Emperor Pagoda–Ho Chi Minh City

We decided to visit the Jade Emperor Pagoda. We caught a taxi from the hotel and it cost 50,000 VND, on the way back we caught another taxi and he tried to charge us 146,000 VND. I gave him 50,000 and got out of the taxi. He was trying to say no – 146,000 but Pam & I just walked off up the stairs to the hotel.

His meter was obviously rigged as it was jumping up super fast…

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Lots of turtles in a pond – there must have been more than 300.

Some pictures from around the Diamond Bay Resort

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Driving Range at Diamond Bay Resort, Nha Trang, Vietnam

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I am not a golfer but the grounds looked lovely and green against the nice sea.

Nha Trang Beach

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From the Po Nagar Cham Tower complex overlooking the river

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Po Nagar Cham Tower

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Pam and I went into the city of Nha Trang today on the shuttle bus from the resort and then caught a taxi to Po Nagar Cham Tower.

The Po Nagar complex is situated on Cù Lao Mountain. It consists of three levels, the highest of which encompasses two rows of towers. The main tower is about 25 m high.

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It was a great place to visit – very tranquil – the entrance fee was 16,000 VND

The pool area at our hotel

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The pool is 1.2 meters at each end and 1.8 meters deep in the middle of the pool. I had a swim yesterday and it was lovely. Also not many people there yesterday afternoon so it suited me as well.

Nha Trang–the view from our balcony

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Nha Trang–View from the walkway near our hotel room

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