Vietnam - Hanoi

Food in Hoi An

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The breakfast bar at our hotel in Hoi An – the Ha An hotel -


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Food on sale in the market


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Local food stalls along the river



Three dishes we ate :

  • Water Spinach with Garlic
  • Pork and Kaffier Lime Leaves (stunning flavour)
  • Pork and Lemon Grass (stunning flavour)

Hidden Hanoi - Cooking School in Hanoi - Movies

Pam showing her cooking skills on BBQ in Hanoi


BBQ tasted great–lovely and smokey with the charcoal (gas it really just crap)


Frying the spring rolls we made–yummy–but not as good as the hotels

Hidden Hanoi Cooking School

Today our last full day in Hanoi we booked into the Hidden Hanoi Cooking School (

We caught a taxi from our hotel which is near the Hoan Kiem Lake to the cooking scroll which is close to West Lake. We paid 40,000 VND for the taxi fare there with Tourist Hanoi taxis.

We did not do the market tour so the cost of the cooking course was $40 USD each ($10 USD more for market tour) – we paid 1,680,000 VND for the two of us to do the course.

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Getting setup we all wear aprons – mine hardly fits!

P1030743 P1030744 P1030750

Today we are doing Vietnamese Street Food

  • BBQ Meat Ball
  • BBQ Slice Pork Belly
  • Fried Spring Rolls
  • Fish Dipping Sauce

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Hard at work!

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Little flowers we made from the skin of a Tomato

P1030757 P1030758 P1030760

Outside to BBQ our Meat Balls + Pork Belly

P1030761 P1030762 P1030765


P1030766 P1030767 P1030768

Our table of food – looks and smells lovely


Sitting down and eating our meal – it was very nice


This is called Coconut Caramel – we used it to marinate the meat balls + Pork Belly

Breakfast in Hanoi


Top Left

Chicken Pho

Top Right

Beef Pho



All free included in the breakfast spread.

First time I have held 10 million (pity it is not NZD)


Dinner in Hanoi


Top Left

Bun Cha – Main Course – $5.70 USD

Fresh rice vermicelli noodles and grilled chopped pork served with fish sauce and herbs

Top Right

Nem hanoi – Appetizer – $3.90 USD

Veggie, Pork, Eggs rolled in rice paper then deep fried & served with fresh chilli, garlic & fish sauce


Grilled Bamboo Beef – Main Course – $7.50 USD

Beef mixed with condiments, stuffed in a bamboo pipe, then grilled and served with steamed rice.

Day 3 in Hanoi


We had breakfast up on the 12 floor – I had some Chicken Pho – pronounced “Fho”.



All was good, but after breakfast felt a bit of a funny belly coming on – so we had a quiet morning in the hotel – just in case! Toilets in Hanoi – well no.

I took some of my Tech Un ‘Chi-Kit’ pills which seem to help me a lot -

We decided to venture out and see the shopping areas around the Old Quarter – It did not take long before people wanted to sell us things – like the lady selling bananas.


Pam and the bananas – you are suppose to buy after this – but we did not.


This is how one takes a mirror home from the shop

P1030679 P1030680 P1030684

P1030685 P1030691 P1030696

We basically just wandered around the streets as you really do not know where you are. Things didn’t change very much – still the same types of shops everywhere, lot of little food shops that you would not eat in. All quite dirty, mostly selling junky stuff that looks like it has been there for years. We found as we moved around different streets sold similar things, like metal food cabinets, or range hoods, or art, or shoes or music.


A local music shop somewhere along the path we took around the streets.

Pam will be happy when we move on from here as the traffic is too chaotic for here. For me as well but not so much.

So we managed to find the lake again and walked around the part we has not been to yet. We found a little restaurant at one end and went inside for a beer and pam got a pastry – quite nice not too sweet.


The beer is very good here – we have yet to try the 1 day old beer (they do not sell it in this type of place)– looks pretty light from what I have seen but the bottled beer is good. Wei would like it.


P1030708 P1030712 P1030713

The restaurant was nicely decorated inside (although everyone was outside) and our view was nice. Beer was 35,000 VND and Pastry was 30,000 VND.

Driving in Vietnam? not for me

A typical intersection in Hanoi old quarter



In a few second it goes from being clear to busy–but there is a traffic light here

The view from the Hotel Elegance Diamond in Hanoi

This is taken from the 12th floor roof terrace

Shoe shine man

P1030651 P1030652

After dinner I went down to the lake – Pam was not keen to cross the road any more times than needed!

I was approached by a Shoe Shine Man – he wanted 20,000 VND to do my shows which is about $1.50 NZD

I was happy enough since they looked pretty bad from walking around all day.

He did a good job and I was happy – when I got back to the hotel I asked how much I should have paid and they said 15,000 to 20,000 so all was ok.

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