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Maripissa is only about 1km from Pisso Livado and has more churches than you could imagine for a small  town. Here are some of them.

 P1030014 P1030016 P1030032 

P1030033  P1030040 P1030041

P1030042 P1030047 P1030034

Pisso Livadi – A day at the beach and a little church

A great day at the beach today – we spent some time in the Pisso Livadi beach (where the boats are) and then we went around to Logaros Beach in the afternoon after lunch.

I can now feel the effects of the swimming and the sunning as my back is rather warm and tender. Maybe not a good night ahead!

P1030012 P1020971 P1020977

P1020986 P1020993 P1020998 P1020999 P1030002 P1030009

The little church in Pisso Livadi and the fast ferry

P1030067 P1030070 P1030064

Pisso Livadi – some pics

We had a lovely sunny day in Pisso Livadi and ate some lovely seafood and enjoyed some time on the beach.

P1020840  P1020814  P1020841

squid  small-fish  salad

P1020844  P1020846  P1020855

P1020856  P1020866  P1020867

Paros – Pisso Lavadi

We left Athens yesterday on the Blue Star Paros ship – the trip took 4.5 hours to get from Piraeus in Athens to Paros – a total of 95 Nautical Miles.

The view from our balcony

Pisso Livadi

Last night there was a festival in our town of Pisso Livadi where there was music and dancing and a free ouzo and octopus with bread and cheese and cucumber.

There was also boats in the harbour with red flares and some fireworks.

P1020779  P1020771  P1020759

P1020800  P1020784  P1020787


Leaving athens

We are leaving athens today - an early start to catch the train to the port for the 7:25am ferry to Paros.

We have just pulled out of the port and the trip will take about 4 hours.

We have a rental car waiting at the port for us so that will be interesting driving in the little Island

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When we arrived in Athens

When we arrived in athens and caught the train into town from the airport either we did not think about it, did not see or just forgot to validate our 5 euro ticket.

We were on the train and along came the ticket validators - they wanted to see our ticket so we showed them and they said that they have not been validated and that is a fine!

A man on the seat opposite also did not validate his ticket.

For some reason instead of fining up they said we had to get off the train and validate the ticket and catch the next train.

So we were very very lucky as the fine is 60 times the fare price.

60 x 5 euro = 300 euro each

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Athens – sitting having a beer and looking out to….


The view from the hotel roof top bar – the area is not flash, the hotel rooms are basic, the view is great.

Time to leave Trieste

It is time that we leave Trieste – overall it is not really tourist friendly with most shops shut the time we have been here and not a lot of places to eat. I guess that most Italians eat pasta everyday so they would rather eat Pizza when they go out.

There is however plenty of mini markets and coffee bars – the coffee has been great and cheap.

We leave the hotel in about 1 hour and we need to get ourselves to the airport about 35 km away – so we are going to take a bus to the airport.

Our flight plan is Trieste – Rome with a 3 hour stopover and then Rome – Athens

We land at about 6:40pm in Athens so the time we get to the hotel about 8pm

I will be having a coffee in Rome when we arrive since the last time I was in Rome (7 years ago) I did not drink coffee.

Paros Island – Greece - Hotel Corali

City : Paros, Greece
Arrive : May 13th, 2010
Depart : May 20th, 2010
Nights : 7
Cost : 286 EURO

Hotel Corali is situated in the enchanting site of Piso Livadi Paros, 100 meters from the beach and 200 meters from Piso Livadi center. It provides rooms and apartments, with shower/WC, telephone, music, TV, refrigerator, A/C and private balconies with excellent sea view. There is also a reception hall with breakfast room, cocktail bar, sitting room, TV lounge, free Internet Wi-Fi access.  Excursions around Paros or to the neighbouring islands can be organized.

Athens – Hotel Attalos


City : Athens, Greece
Arrive : May 11th, 2010
Depart : May 13th, 2010
Nights : 2
Cost : 200 EURO

In addition to the hotel's modern facilities, there are 80 rooms, and a roof garden with a fantastic view of the Acropolis ...


The A in the map is the hotels location, the green park area below it is the home to the Acropolis.

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