Austria - Vienna

Having fun with some photos that I have taken

Lake Bled
Lake Bled
Our hotel in Hallstatt


Vienna – St Stephenplatz
Tulips, 2 hours later they were fully open
Seagull – Piran
Church in Ljubljana
Church in Piran
Piran from above
My mate the 1/2 foot pigeon
Church in Hallstatt
Fishing nets in Piran
Flags in Ljubljana

Vienna – walking around St Stephens Cathedral and local area

Our local subway station was called Nestroplatz
a quick 150 meters from the hotel.

Two stops away was St Stephen’s Cathedral



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P1010066   P1010065

A small panorama looking at Square Michaelerplatz – see on google, bing

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Vienna – Neush Market

I asked one of the hotel staff where the market was and he said 3 stops away. We caught the underground, went the wrong way, and go out somewhere quiet.

We walked around and Pam asked someone directions to the market – the lady spoke some English and directed us to go back the other way. We did this can travelled about 6 stops back and got out and found the market right at the underground station.

We walked mainly through the food sections with some lovely foods on offer.

P1010029  P1010023  P1010024

P1010025  P1010026  P1010027 


There was a lot of selection and a lot of very good quality produce. As always we could not buy anything much since we were without cooking facilities, but we did buy cheese and bread and I bought a bunch of radishes (very good snack)

We had a quick lunch at WurstWarren a sausage bar at one end of the market – pretty simple – but very tasty bratwurst sausages.


Off to Hallstatt

Today we are off to Hallstat - we are travelling by train - it takes about 4 hours abd we managed to get one with 0 connections.

The ticket cost was 40 euro each in second class.

Hallstat is a very picturesque location nestled on the edge of a lake.

We are staying in a room with a small balcony that overlooks the lake.

We are currently sitting at the train station waiting for our train.

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Visiting the dead

We caught the subway to the end of the simmerring line and then a tram to the Zentralfriedhof cementry.

There is a lot of graves here - over 2.5 million.

Gruppe 32a is the musician area - there are Brahms, Beethoven, Strauss (multiple), Mozart and others that we do not know all within a few meters of each other.

The place is huge and very relaxing. There are lots of big trees and most of the graves have huge gravestones and lots of fresh flowers on them.

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Well we had our first espresso at mq daily - we had it at the bar for 1 euro each - terrible reminds me of the rubbish coffee at work

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A walk to the museum quartier

we have a nice day in Vienna today - about 18c

There is amazing buildings everywhere - have taken a few photos - can't post any until we get a real Internet connection.

we are just sitting outside the Kunsthistorisches Museum giving my feet a rest.

There is a lot of tour buses around but the pace of life here is very relaxed.

I am hanging out for a coffee as I have not had one since leaving home. From what we have seen it is super expensive with an espresso costing 2.10 to 3.50 euro.

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A trip to the market

We caught the underground to the big saturday market in vienna.

it is a large market with lots of fresh vegetables and cheese and antipasti and flowers.

we stopped at a small restruant called Wurstwaren and had a Bratwurst and kasekreiner - very nice.

we bought too much cheese, some fruit and some radishes.

we are about to go back through the market now as Pam wants some pastry products.

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like a lot of places you have to pay for the ointernet. I wrote a small blackberry application to allow me to update my travel blog while on the road,

i only got the correct code signing keys from blackberry while travelling.

Looks to be working by the looks of things.

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Arrived in Vienna

Well we arrived in one piece in Vienna.

Quite a trip to get here

Christchurch - Sydney (2:40)
Wait (2:00)
Sydney - Bangkok (9:30)
Wait (1:00)
Bangkok - Dubai (6:00)
Wait (3:30)
Dubai - Vienna (5:50)

We then caught a bus from the airport to an underground station at Stephenplatz to the nearest station to our hotel.

We got in here about 2:45pm local time.

A quick shower and we went out and found a super market to buy some water and cheese. Cheese is cheap here.

We dropped off our drinks and went for a walk back to St Sehhenplatz.

It was getting quite cold here about 5-6 degrees by about 6pm a bit cooler than the 37 in Dubai.

We were going to go out for a meal but I had a bit of a headache and went back to the room to get some pills - that was te end of that.

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