Slovenia - Piran

Piran – a great little place to visit

The view over Piran from the city wallPiran5
This church is in front of the bell tower
The view over the Adriatic facing Trieste

Facing the city wall

The walk up to the bell tower
     The Bell Tower

The view from the Bell Tower – it costs 1 Euro to go up – to go up there is 147 steps – 11am to 2pm only – built in 1609From the bell tower

Another view out from the Bell Tower


While up at the bell tower the bells rang – my ears really heard them up close and and personal


piran-square-at-night Piran-towards-the-city-walls piran-night

Leaving Piran

Today we left Piran and are currently on a bus to Trieste in Italy.

Piran was a very nicr little place and in the end we had good weather with yesterday being warm and sunnny.

The bad weather returned today but i am not concerned as we got to see. Piran in full sun.

I never tried the coffee in Piran so I am hanging out for one in Italy.

We have three days in Trieste - it is not far from Piran and was cheap on the bus only costing 5.40 euro each

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Having fun with some photos that I have taken

Lake Bled
Lake Bled
Our hotel in Hallstatt


Vienna – St Stephenplatz
Tulips, 2 hours later they were fully open
Seagull – Piran
Church in Ljubljana
Church in Piran
Piran from above
My mate the 1/2 foot pigeon
Church in Hallstatt
Fishing nets in Piran
Flags in Ljubljana

Piran - A lovely time

We were thinking when we arrived yesterday that we would have rain for 3 days while in Piran, well that is what the forecast said!

Well there has been rain - quite a bit including thunder and lightning but it is 6:35pm and it has been great for about 8 hours today.

I even went for a swim in the Adriatic!

The water was cold but after a couple of mins and a full imersion you got use to it. Pam not so keen.

Even though it is just Spring here there are lots of vege gardens around and sunrise is around 5:30am and sunset around 9pm. When the sun is out it is warm.

Internet is too expensive in the Hotel Piran, they charge 6 euro per hour - ouch.- so no new photo's yet.

I have been playing around with some photo's so it will be interesting what comments they generate if any?

I have been drinking a few bottles of Merlot here - 3:48 euro per 1 litre bottle and it is quite drinkable. We have been buying some French Brie at only 7;50 euro per kg.

1.5 litre water for 32 cents - Christchurch the home of fresh water is what price? $3 for 700ml is just a ripoff - it is just water.

Well that is all for now - back to sitting in the sun on the small balcony.

PS: I seem to have made a friend - a 1/2 foot missing pigeon - we share something in common.

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Leaving Ljubljana for Piran

We left Ljubljana this morning for Piran on the Slovenian coast.

The weather here has been overcast and rainy since we arrived in Ljubljana. We are currently sitting in a bus and it is raining outside and quite foggy.

Aparantly the coast is not much better but most afternoons it brightens up so hopefully it will do that today.

The bus ticket cost 12 euro each but when we got to the bus they wanted another 1.30 euro per large bag.

Ljubljana was nice and the old town where we stayed was quite quiet as there was no traffic allowed there - just pedestrians.

We probably would have been happy with just two nights there but we had three.

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Piran – Hotel Piran


City : Piran, Slovenia
Arrive : May 5th, 2010
Depart : May 8th, 2010
Nights : 3
Cost : 300 EURO

Piran is an ancient coastal town on the most western headland of Slovenian Istria. Its first inhabitants settled here in the middle of the 5th century and in the 13th century it was taken over by Venetians. It was then that this small old town started to develop and prosper.

In spite of a turbulent past Piran has retained its distinctive charm. Written records mentioning the town of Piran go back to pre-Roman times. Over the centuries the townspeople have made their living by fishing, handicrafts and trade in goods such as salt, wine, oil and fish.

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