Slovenia - Lake Bled

Some more little shots from bled

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Some photos from Lake Bled

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The picture above is from our room (Room# 335) in the Hotel Jadran

Our second meal in Slovenia

We ate at the restaurant panorama which is connected to the Grand Hotel Toplis (where I am using their WIFI network for free)

Pam had a Salmon Ravioli and Chris had Squid (again)

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The following cream cake is a Bled tradition for about 60 years – it has a firm pastry on bottom, then a custard, and then a layer of cream and topped off with another sheet of pastry and icing sugar.


Our first meal in Slovenia

We found a little restaurant last night called “Ostarija Peglez’n” after trying to get into another restaurant that closed at 8pm – most were closed last night around 8pm, quite strange for a Thursday night.

We both had a nice dish of Squid with potatoes and spinach.


It was a very tasty meal.

The shell contained garlic and parsley

I had to drown it in olive oil and balsamic vinegar since the garlic was some sort of pre-prepared crap like you see at home in jars – a complete waste of time – why to they bother

A lovely day in Bled

It is a lovely day in Bled. The lake is still and there is no wind.

I just travelled up to the Straza - a lookout over the lake - it is 642 meters up , but I think bled is 400 meters up.

I walked around the streets until i found the way up the hill. There you couild take a snow lift up to the top or walk - I took the snow lift as I have a blister from the walk up the Hallstatt hill - 4 euro return

It is 28 degrees so I am enjoying a Slovenian beer with the great views - 3 euro

Pam went for a walk around the lake edge (hills are not her thing)

This post was made from my BlackBerry somewhere near Bled 4260, Slovenia

Arrived in lake bled

We arrived at lesce bled after getting off the train. Lesce Bled is quite a working town - a bit of a turn off actually.

Pam and I were the only ones to get off the train which made me wonder if this was the right station!

we found that it was the correct station and we decided to catch a bus into bled itself - especially since there were no taxis at the rank.

There was a bus in 10 minutes and it turned up on time. It only cost about 2.70 euro for both of us to get into bled (about 4 km)

We then went to a tourist office and asked directions to our hotel.

The lady was very helpful and gave me a map of bled.

We had to walk abou 10 minutes to get to our hotel.

Pam says that the hotel is a bit of a scrubber - or in order words - it needed a make over about a decade ago.

Nothing special in the room - no aircon, no fridge, no jug, no safe, no toiletries but it does have a nice lake view.

Time to look for dinner.

This post was made from my BlackBerry somewhere near 19-27 209, Bled 4260, Slovenia

Lake Bled - Hotel Jadran


City : Lake Bled, Slovenia
Arrive : April 29th, 2010
Depart : May 2nd, 2010
Nights : 3
Cost : 330 EURO

The Jadran Garni Hotel is close to Lake Bled, which has the longest swimming season of any alpine lake. The hotel is a wonderful starting point for a relaxing stroll in the local countryside and other interesting excursions. There is a large car park next to the hotel. The Grand Hotel Toplice, its sister hotel, offers a thermal pool as well as a host of wellness programmes. A private lido is close by.


The A on the map below is the location of the hotel in Bled.

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