Leaving Milan

We are about to leave Milan this morning. We are picking up the rental car at the Train Station and driving to Triora – about 300 KM

We do not have Internet access in Triora or Vernazza so we probably will be dropping off the radar for a week or so unless we find an Internet source while we are out and about.

We have had a nice time in Milan and the time has gone very fast…..

Camera Zoom

Below is an example of the zoom on my new Camera – Canon SX1-IS



Power sockets and plugs in Italy

italy_power_socket-normal Italy-Power-Cord Italy-Type-Power-Cord-YP3140-


Earthed (3 prong) or not-earthed (2 prong)

For more details about different power and plugs see http://www.yung-li.com.tw/EN/info/ww_specifications.htm

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