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Photos of Dubrovnik

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Pam in Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik – a view form the ramparts

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Arriving in Dubrovnik, Croatia

We had a nice flight from Gatwick in London, only about 4 hours – but after the 24 hours from New Zealand we amazingly were quite OK.

P1000284  P1000286 P1000287


An early morning walk to the top of the hill behind the old city

We arrived yesterday from New Zealand – a trip of more than 36 hours. I woke early and decided to walk to the top of the hill behind the old city of Dubrovnik. I did not have a map or any directions but a general idea of how to get up there.

P1000341 P1000342 P1000343

Walking through the town

P1000346 P1000360 P1000361

I found a road and followed it and ended up a little bit above the old town

P1000364 P1000365 P1000370

More up hill steps and then a wonderful view

P1000375 P1000379 P1000381

I found an old track on the other side of the main road and decided to ascend it. 

P1000384 P1000385 P1000390

The track had crosses lying down on the ground and then a zig-zag track up to the top

P1000392 P1000394 P1000395

At the top I found a beautiful monument

P1000396 P1000397 P1000398

Wonderful views over the old town of Dubrovnik and also out across the water. I zoomed into the area we were staying and you can just make out the large balcony overlooking the marina.

P1000409 P1000412P1000415

At the top was a cable car station that had been destroyed in the war – quite dangerous – basically just left there. The centre photo shows a toilet in the building in the first photo.


The view from our apartments (shared) balcony in Dubrovnik

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