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Hôtel California Saint Germain
32 rue des Ecoles
75005 PARIS
Tel : 00 33 (1) 46 34 12 90
Fax : 00 33 (1) 46 34 75 52

E-mail :



Lou Paradou
4 Chez Néron
33820 St Palais de Blaye


London Tower Bridge

P1010522 P1010529 P1010535

P1010545 P1010547 P1010549

London Tower Bridge from the river and on the bridge

P1010543 P1010539 P1010540

The WEEMAN represents how much WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) an average UK person will create in their lifetime.

Photos of Dubrovnik

P1000617 P1000303 P1000513
P1000394 P1000322 P1000370
P1000381 P1000421 P1000423
P1000547 P1000615 P1000574
P1000593 P1000594 P1000601

A few drinks with the other guests and the owners at Lou Paradou

P1020308 P1020315 P1020322

P1020319 P1020313 P1020327

P1020321 P1020395 P1020396

P1020397 P1020398 P1020399

P1020400 P1020401 P1020402

The pool at Lou Paradou

It hit about 38 degrees on this day…. The water was very nice.

P1020403 P1020406 P1020405

P1020407 P1020404

The vineyards within walking distance of Lou Paradou

P1020337 P1020338 P1020339 P1020340 P1020341 P1020342 P1020343 P1020344 P1020345 P1020346 P1020347 P1020348 P1020349 P1020350 P1020351 P1020352 P1020353 P1020354 P1020355 P1020356 P1020357 P1020358 P1020359 P1020360

A lovely visit to St Emilion

P1020162 P1020170 P1020171 P1020173 P1020174 P1020175 P1020179 P1020180 P1020181 P1020182 P1020183 P1020185 P1020190 P1020191 P1020193 P1020194 P1020220 P1020225 P1020231 P1020235 P1020237 P1020243 P1020250 P1020256 P1020265 P1020267

Some insects and bugs around Lou Paradou

P1020362 P1020364 P1020365 P1020366 P1020367 P1020371 P1020372 P1020373 P1020374

A visit to Hennessy and Martell Cognac Houses

P1020086 P1020087 P1020088

P1020089 P1020090 P1020091

P1020092 P1020093 P1020094

P1020095 P1020096 P1020097

P1020098 P1020099 P1020100

P1020101 P1020102 P1020103

P1020104 P1020105 P1020106

P1020107 P1020108 P1020109

P1020110 P1020111 P1020112

P1020113 P1020114 P1020115

P1020116 P1020117 P1020118

P1020119 P1020120 P1020121

P1020122 P1020123 P1020124

P1020125 P1020126 P1020127

P1020128 P1020129 P1020130

P1020131 P1020132 P1020133

P1020134 P1020136 P1020138 P1020139 P1020140 P1020141 P1020142 P1020143 P1020144 P1020145 P1020146 P1020147 P1020148 P1020150 P1020151 P1020152 P1020153 P1020154 P1020155 P1020156 P1020157 P1020158 P1020160 P1020161

The buildings and our room at Lou Paradou

P1020311 P1020336 P1020385 P1020386 P1020408 P1020409 P1020410

Looks like we did not actually take any indoor photos of the bedrooms etc.

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