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Athens and the Acropolis

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Meeting friends in Santorini


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These photos were taken in May 2003 – Chris  & Alex joined us in Santorini. Almost 13 years later we saw them get married in January 2016 back in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Animals of Santorini

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Little church roofs all over Santorini

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Donkeys on the way up from the bottom to the top


Santorini Wine

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Little low lying busy vines – the top of the island where the vines grow gets very windy hence the low growing vines.

The view from our balcony

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We stayed at a place called FRAGKISKOS TRADITIONAL HOUSE

Arriving in Santorini via ferry

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We arrived by ferry in Santorini on a lovely sunny day.


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The view from our little balcony

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The best way to dry out your Octopus


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Hot chilli eating certificate

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Dinner with a couple we met – we also met them in Santorini a few day layer when they sailed in below our apartment.

Mykonos, Greece

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The view from our little room and the room itself.

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The old wind mills now aparartments in some of them


An interesting panorama just 30 meters from our room

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Lots of little churches everywhere

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Local lady with her cat and an eco friendly way to move good around the cobbled streets

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